We are an AI-powered investment management company

Our mission is to produce superior and absolute returns for investors through investment decisions informed by artificial intelligence.

Unlike conventional investment management firms or typical asset management firms, our investment decisions are not made by analysts or any humans.

Through an innovative approach of collective intelligence, we combine the most sophisticated AI technologies with evolutionary algorithms to develop trading agents able to make investment decisions and price predictions. Our AI-driven trading models can teach themselves to adapt to changing market conditions without any human guidance or instruction.

Along with its AI trading models, Rebrain.ai has also developed a fully automated investment manager system able to manage hedge funds entirely and automatically through its artificial intelligence-driven strategies without human intervention.

Rebrain.ai, Inc. also provides its platform to its own investment management firm, “Rebrain.ai Investment Management LLC,” an investment management subsidiary firm of Rebrain.ai that manages funds.

Tested intensively with 10 years’ worth of historical data, our AI-powered investment management system delivers outperforming results compared to the market industry.

Executive team

Sylvain Morel

(CEO / Co-founder)

Sylvain Morel is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor.

In his twenties, he founded multiple digital companies (advertising, performance marketing, and publishing), forming the current Adthink Media group, a 25 M€ annual revenue (2016) digital performance advertising company. The company was listed on NYSE Alternext, a European stock exchange, when he was just 30. In 2008, with an 8.522% revenue growth rate over five years, Adthink Media was ranked #1 of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in France and 8th in EMEA by the Deloitte’s technology Fast 50 ranking. Currently, he still serves as Executive Chairman at Adthink.

Passionate about trading, and more specifically about quantitative trading, he has been a proprietary, discretionary, and quantitative trader for more than 20 years.

In 2017, he launched the “fintech” Rebrain.AI, an AI-powered investment management company that manages hedge funds entirely and automatically through artificial intelligence-driven strategies without any human intervention.

Since 2015, he has also been involved in Minefield.vc, a venture studio created by entrepreneurs and investors, for which he serves as an advisor and an investor.

Sébastien Robert

(Executive Chairman & CTO / Co-founder)

Sébastien Robert is an engineer, computer scientist, and trader.

In the early 2000s, he developed market making algorithms for the French stock exchange, with a deep conviction that mathematics underlie the markets. Then, he extended his research to the US stock exchange, commodities, and currencies. In 2005, he introduced machine learning to his algorithms and became a consultant in 2009 for companies with financial markets issues.

In 2013, he joined QRF, a French research company, leading the development of quantitative algorithms.

His cross-disciplinary scientific skills, combined with recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence research, have enabled him to implement innovative algorithmic models.

In 2017, he launched the “fintech” Rebrain.AI, an AI-powered investment management company that manages hedge funds entirely and automatically through artificial intelligence driven strategies without any human intervention.


Rebrain.AI is a US-based company founded in 2017. It is located both in the US and France, where its main R&D subsidiary, established in 2013, is based..

Initially, the company was started in France as a proprietary trading firm focused on quantitative trading strategies and, more precisely, in market making strategies. Potentially limited in terms of revenue and evolving in a highly competitive market, the company decided to move to a new position that would take advantage of its promising results in AI-driven investment strategies.


An absolute performance in continuous improvement

Like our closest players (AI driven/quantitative investment management firms) in the hedge fund industry who are successfully using AI or, even more generally, quantitative strategies, Rebrain.ai strongly outperforms its industry, ranking in the upper range for the industry, tested with over 10 years’ worth of historical data.

Today, Rebrain.ai is ready to support and manage an AUM (Asset Under Management) capacity of $400 million while producing high annual absolute returns for investors. Rebrain.ai continually improves its system and consistently delivers new investment strategies, increasing the overall system performance (annual absolute return, AUM capacity limit, etc.).

"Darwin" : The first fund

In 2019, Rebrain.ai will launch “Rebrain.ai Darwin Fund LP,” a US hedge fund managed and operated by Rebrain.ai Investment Management LLC.

We deeply believe in our models: We are the first investors in our funds, and we only charge performance fees.

Philosophy & culture

Artificial intelligence is changing the world, and it will change human civilization. If properly anticipated, these changes will be positive for humankind.

Through its investors, Rebrain.ai wants to help real people in real life. In fact, by introducing AI to the investment management industry and financial markets, Rebrain.ai outperforms the industry standards, thus improving value creation for its investors.


“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” John Bunyan

We strongly believe that AI, combined with our human ingenuity, will help us “do good” in new and better ways.

Although our business is fully driven by artificial intelligence, we’ll never forget that AI is led by people, for people: a fixed percentage of our profits is donated to charities through our foundation.


Want to join us ?

We are looking for talented and passionate people in the following fields: artificial intelligence, quantitative research and modeling, financial markets, distributed computing, data science and analysis, software engineering…

A fair share of the value

All employees become partners in our funds and are annually rewarded with a share of the funds.

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